Research Librarians

Why You Should Visit a Research Librarian

Research librarians at Southern Miss libraries are experts on how to find books, articles, websites, maps, and other resources you will need to write a great research paper. They know what types of sources the library has, what is available online, and how to get access to things that the university doesn't own. A librarian can often find in minutes what it might take you hours to locate, leaving you with more time to work on your paper—and maybe even drop in on the Writing Center!

Appointments to meet with a librarian for research help can be made online and you should try to make the appointment three working days ahead of time to ensure someone is available to meet with you.


What the Librarian Will Need to Know

The librarian will want to know the topic of your paper, of course, but they will also want to know what type of paper you're writing and whether your professor specified any particular types of sources you should use, so it's a good idea to bring your assignment sheet (or notes on what the professor said in class) with you to the library.


Why Can't You Just Google It?

1. Librarians have access to databases of research material that aren't indexed by Google, so they will be able to find more—and better—sources for you. 2. Librarians can help make sure that the materials you find are authoritative, peer-reviewed sources of information, whereas an online search may come up with some random person's middle-school PowerPoint. 3. Scholarly journals and newspapers often charge for access to their articles. If you find the article via a web browser, you may have to pay, but if you access journals or newspapers that the library subscribes to through the library portal, you can view the articles for free. 4. The best source for your paper may be a book, and Google Books only gives you previews. Even if the Southern Miss library doesn't have the book you need, a librarian can help you interlibrary loan it from another library for free.


Quick Question?

If you just have a quick question you'd like to ask a librarian that won't require meeting in person, you can use the online ask-a-librarian feature.


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