Well-Being Resources

Community Counseling and Assessment Clinic


Price: $5/session for students; sliding scale for community clients

The Community Counseling and Assessment Clinic provides counseling and psychological assessment services to students, staff, faculty, and community adults. They focus on issues related to coping, adjustment (e.g., to college life), academic success, and major or career choices. They also provide services related to anxiety, depression, homesickness, grief and loss, relationship issues, adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and other common challenges. The Clinic is home to the BASICS program, which assists college students in preventing the negative consequences often associated with alcohol use.


Psychology Clinic 


Price: sliding scale based on income with discounts for students for assessment services

The Psychology Clinic focuses significant time on helping people deal with anxiety, depression, and stress, but they also work with people facing other challenges. The Psychology Clinic screens contacts for various needs and refers them to appropriate providers as needed. Note that the Psychology Clinic is also initiating an “Organizational Skills Training” (OST) program to provide selected students with skill development and support for academic success.  (Contact: Stephanie Smith, SD.Smith@usm.edu)


Student Counseling Services 


Contact: Deena Crawford 

Price: Free 

Student Counseling Services sees students for counseling and provides assistance to walk-ins and students in crisis. Student Counseling Services provides care to students with a wide range of concerns, particularly those related to the development of strong coping skills and issues that interfere with academic achievement. 


Student Health Services


Price: Varies by service; $20 provider fee

Student Health Services provides medical care for the university community, including preventative care, treatment for illnesses, and common mental health challenges faced by students, such as stress, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and problems with alcohol or drugs. 


University Clinic for Family Therapy 

Contact: Stacie Frey 

Price: Sliding scale, $5 for students, $10 for faculty and staff

The University Clinic for Family Therapy provides individual, couple and family therapy to USM faculty, staff, students and to the community.  They focus on communication and relationship issues, life transition concerns, anxiety, stress management and other general challenges that persons in relationships face.