When You Arrive on Campus for Move-In

Move-In Volunteers

Nearly 150 students, staff, and faculty members will assist new families during Move-In.  The extra muscle will help you get into your residence hall a lot more quickly.  Be sure to label your belongings with your name, residence hall, and room number so that you can be extra-sure your belongings get to the right place.

Here’s how Move-In works:

  1. Dropping off your belongings is the first step. Be prepared to move quickly through a drop-off line. Staff from Parking Management and University Police will have an established traffic flow for each residential area of campus.  You will be directed to a traffic line and then instructed on when and where to unload your belongings.  Once you’ve unloaded your vehicle, it will need to be parked in a different location.
  2. After drop-off, you’ll check into your residence hall.  Residence Life staff will be ready to greet you on the first floor of your residence hall.  During check-in, you’ll receive your room key/card access.
  3. After you’ve checked into your residence hall, then you need to check into Golden Eagle Welcome Week (GEWW).  GEWW is a required event for incoming freshmen.  New transfer students are invited to participate in GEWW but not required to.
  4. Each floor in every residence hall is assigned a resident assistant (RA).  Your RA will have a mandatory floor meeting. The time and location of this meeting will be posted on your floor.
  5. Before you go to bed that day, make sure that your vehicle is parked in a residential zone.  Remember that you can be ticketed or towed if you park outside of a residential zone.