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Office of Technology Development

Facilities and Equipment Guidelines


Guidelines for the use of University of Southern Mississippi research facilities and equipment by private companies 


1.    Leases for the use of USM’s facilities, whether for exclusive or non-exclusive use, shall use USM’s standard lease agreement as provided by USM’s Office of General Counsel.


2.    Leases/contracts for the use of leased facilities, space, and equipment to private companies must be approved by the Vice President of Research. 


3.    Leases for use of facilities by private companies require approval from the Board or Commissioner for the Institutions of Higher Learning which will be requested by the Vice President for Research. 


4.    Companies shall be required to provide liability insurance for the leased facilities, space, and, if applicable, University-owned equipment.


5.    The company shall indemnify and hold USM harmless for any liability to Company under or in connection with the lease/contract.


6.    Since state law does not allow the use of state resources for private companies without reasonable compensation, lease/contract rates from using USM facilities/equipment shall be based on the University’s lease rates at the time of execution of the lease/contract.





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