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Office of Technology Development

Process for MURA Approval

Under MURA, University employees shall prepare and submit a letter requesting permission from the MURA Board to establish and maintain a material financial interest in a company formed to license and develop a technology they have developed. The Office of Technology Development will assist the University employee in the completion of the letter, meet with the individual to explain the process and discuss licensing opportunities of the technology from the University to the company. Key components of the MURA application letter include the following:

  • A full description of the nature of the enterprise;
  • The University employee’s interest in the entity;
  • How the entity will benefit the economy of Mississippi;
  • The University employee’s activities with the entity; and
  • A statement that the company will not adversely affect the University or any substantial State interest.

IMPORTANT: Please submit the MURA application letter PRIOR TO ANY FINANCIAL TRANSACTION. Be sure you have allowed enough time for the approval process before you or the company conducts any financial transactions with the University.
The steps in the process for MURA approval are as follows:

  1. The applicant prepares a draft MURA application letter and sends it to the OTD for review.

  2. OTD meets with the applicant, reviews the letter and assists the applicant to prepare a final version of the MURA application letter.

  3. OTD will circulate the MURA application letter to the Department Chair or Director, Dean, Vice President for Research, and President for signature.

  4. After the President signs the MURA application letter, it is returned to the Vice President for Research, who forwards the letter to the MURA Board for consideration.

  5. After the review is completed by the MURA Board, the Vice President for Research will inform the applicant and OTD whether the application was approved or denied.

  6. If the MURA application is approved, annual reports are required to the MURA Board regarding the status of the company, its operations and any material changes. The University employee will be contacted in May of each year by the OTD staff to provide details relevant to this report.

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