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Office of Technology Development

Start-up Companies and MURA




Start-up companies can be an effective strategy in transferring early-stage university-developed technologies out for the public benefit. There are potential benefits to forming a start-up company including accelerating the development of the technology and promoting local economic development (e.g., job creation).


The University of Southern Mississippi encourages faculty, staff, and students that have an interest in engaging in entrepreneurial activity. For those faculty, staff and students who desire to form their own companies to advance a technology that is owned by the University, a few steps must be taken in advance. The Office of Technology Development (OTD) works with those individuals who wish to form a company to advance the technologies/products they develop/discover while working at the University.


When the University engages in activities with university-employee-owned companies, a conflict of interest is inherent in these relationships. State ethics laws prohibit state employees from maintaining a material financial interest in a company that contracts or licenses technology from the University except when it is approved by the Mississippi University Research Authority (MURA, Mississippi Code ยง37-147-3). MURA assures that the start-up company/university relationships, that could constitute a conflict of interest under State law, are managed properly.


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