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Office of Technology Development

University Compliance Policy: Export Control

The University of Southern Mississippi will comply with all applicable United States export-control laws and regulations. Export control law and regulation apply to all activities of the university where transfers of restricted items or information to non-U.S. entities are possible.

It is the responsibility of all faculty and staff to understand any export control requirements related to his or her work and to ensure that no Southern Miss exports are made contrary to those requirements. The University has established procedures and administrative support to aid its personnel in complying with these laws and regulations.

It is critical to the university's compliance efforts that faculty and staff understand the export implications of research and other activities at Southern Miss, and the importance of obtaining the proper license (when required) prior to the export of any restricted item--whether abroad or within the United States.

In particular, Southern Miss employees must ensure the following:

  • No item of equipment of biological or chemical material is exported without first determining if an export license is required.
  • All domestic and international shipments are in conformance with applicable regulations governing the licensing, packaging and shipment of the material.
  • All transfers of export-restricted information or technical data, whether to an individual in a foreign country or to a foreign citizen in the United States, are in compliance with export control regulations and University policy.

Failure of any University employee to comply with this policy and/or the requirements of any applicable federal export control regulation may result in the imposition of sanctions by appropriate university officials up to and including termination, as well as the possibility of prosecution by the federal government and the imposition of federal civil, criminal, and/or administrative penalties or sanctions.

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