Why become an SAT Donor?

SAT Donors believe in SAT is an important cultural resource for the Hattiesburg community and southeast Mississippi.

SAT Donors make contributions each year that help hire students and staff and cover production expenses.

SAT Donors are vital to the success of each season and help build ongoing resources for future SAT repertory seasons.

SAT Donors receive tickets to each production and have the chance to share the exciting SAT experience with family members and friends.

For many years, SAT Donors have provided key support for the summer repertory. This organization includes patrons who have attended SAT since its early years, as well as new members each season. SAT Donors make contributions beyond the cost of tickets because they believe in the importance of SAT as a vital cultural service to the comminity. In fact, SAT Donors are really company members of SAT, as important to the success of each season as are the playwrights, actors, directors, designers, technicians and staff.


We hope you will become a patron of the Theatre Arts by helping bring quality theatre to Hattiesburg and the southern Mississippi region.