Jackson County Economic Development Foundation

Jackson County Economic Development FoundationThe University of Southern Mississippi Department of Economic Development conducted an economic impact study for the Jackson County Economic Development Foundation. The results of the study were presented to elected officials and business leaders during the spring investor's meeting and luncheon held in Pascagoula, Mississippi on May 30, 2013.  Dr. Chad Miller, assistant professor and graduate coordinator, said the study assessed $2.8 billion in capital investment from companies located in Jackson County. Researchers learned the industrial growth created 3,948 new jobs, 1,997 of which were direct jobs created by the companies. About 1,400 of the new jobs were in manufacturing while others jobs were created in other sectors of the economy. The projects also had "significant impact on the construction industry," Miller said, by creating 11,512 construction jobs and injecting $621 million in earnings into the industry. The expansions also increased annual state tax revenue by $13.6 million, the data showed.