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Tremendous growth in Logistics, Trade and Transportation (LTT) makes this profession very lucrative. The career opportunities of LTT graduates are virtually endless. Ever growing LTT sector encompasses the movement of goods and people (logistics) through the most effective and efficient means (intermodal transportation) to achieve economic development (trade).The new Master of Science in Logistics, Trade, and Transportation (MS LTT) is designed to empower professionals to meet the growing demands of transportation management and related careers in the Gulf Coast Regions, Nationally and Internationally.

The Master of Science in Logistics, Trade, and Transportation (MS LTT) is an interdisciplinary program which is comprised of 30 total credit hours. This LTT program can be completed in one year and customized to meet career advancement needs. The MS LTT courses are delivered in several flexible formats including on-line, in-person, and executive/hybrid format to allow practitioners to continue to work while pursuing the degree.

The MS LTT provides its graduates with necessary tools and critical understanding of supply chain management, economics, finances, and the practice of contemporary global air, maritime, and land transportation systems. The core competency of this program includes planning & strategy, operations management, system analysis & modeling, global trade, and economic development. A graduate of the MS LTT program will have a competitive advantage due to the fact that it is an interdisciplinary program that seeks to develop leadership in both the public and private sectors and prepares its graduates to operate in an ever more demanding global economy.

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