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Forensics Program Details

Scholarship Opportunities

As a result of generous donations by our alumni and other contributors, we are able to make financial awards on an annual basis to our most competitive undergraduate students. Students should apply through the university GO system to be considered for available funding. These awards assist our students financially and allow us to acknowledge the hard work of our best and brightest.


Forensic Science majors are strongly encouraged to consider an internship experience. Internships are a valuable educational tool that provides supervised field study in an agency or laboratory setting. Students may earn academic credit for approved experiences and obtain valuable career insight. Possible internship placements for forensics majors include, but are not limited to the following: 

  1. Law enforcement agencies (federal, state and local)
  2. Federal Bureau of Investigation
  3. State Crime Laboratory
  4. Private forensic laboratory

Other Distinctive Program Elements

Forensics majors have exciting opportunities to travel to Canada and Washington, D.C. for unique learning opportunities during their course of study.  While in Washington, D.C. students tour federal agencies and meet important leaders within the field of criminal justice and forensic science.  In Canada, students are able to tour and interact with leaders within the Canadian forensic and legal system.