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Psychology Program Details

Program Requirements

Student Advisement and Support Center

Student support and engagement are offered through the College of Education & Human Sciences Student Advisement & Support Center. The Center provides individualized advisement plans tailored to meet the interests of the student. Faculty mentors provide advice regarding career planning and support for navigating the demands of college. Psi Chi (National Psychology Honor Society) and Psychology Club offer Psychology majors professional development opportunities and social activities.

Psychology Scholars

Other Distinctive Program Elements

The Psychology Scholars Program was developed for high achieving undergraduate psychology majors with the goal of enhancing engagement in the department and challenging them academically, socially, and intellectually in preparation for advanced educational and career pursuits. Through the Psychology Scholars Program, this exclusive group of students receive training and mentorship that will enhance their success in applying for graduate school or seeking a Psychology-related career. Psychology Scholars represent the School of Psychology in recruitment events and provide support to incoming Psychology majors through small group meetings.

Study Abroad

Learn Psychology in London through British Studies.

School of Psychology faculty travel to London each summer for a month-long course investigating Psychology. This class investigates how school and clinical service delivery operates in the UK versus the USA with a focus on autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities, and emotional and behavioral disorders.

Research Opportunities

Research opportunities provide Psychology majors with hands-on, active learning experiences which extend their classroom learning to the real world. Students are integrated into all aspects of the scientific process and learn to become critical, innovative participants on the research team. Many students complete independent projects and present their work to the wider academic audience both at Southern Miss and across the country. High quality research apprenticeships such as these prepare students for graduate school in psychology or for careers where critical thinking, organization, and data management are valued traits.