• Grade policy: Accounting majors are required to have grades of “C” or better in all accounting (ACC) courses.
  • Two strikes policy: Accounting majors who do not achieve a grade of “C” or better in an ACC course are allowed to retake the course one time. If a grade of “C” or better cannot be achieved on the second attempt, the student will be dropped from the program. A dropped student may apply for reinstatement to the program.
  • PACE Exam for students entering Intermediate Accounting I (ACC 325): In order to ensure our students’ success in upper level ACC courses, the School of Accountancy has instituted the Principles of Accounting Competency Exam (PACE) for all students entering ACC 325. Students registered for ACC 325 will have access to Blackboard for online preparation before the exam. Also, “boot camp” reviews will be scheduled before the start of each semester. The exams will be given before the end of the first week of classes each semester. Students will have 3 attempts to pass the exam. Students must pass the PACE exam with a grade of 70% or higher. Students who do not pass the exam after 3 attempts will not be able to enroll in ACC 325. They may retake the PACE the following semester.
  • Total number of hours for degree:121