About this Bachelor's Degree

Allied health professionals such as respiratory therapists, dental hygienists, physical therapy assistants and surgical technologists are trained in community and public health practices to enhance their management and supervisory skills and increase employment options.

Graduates are prepared for professional careers in management positions in health care settings within or outside their allied health field. Most allied health professionals pursue a bachelor’s degree for one of the following reasons:

  • personal goal to obtain a four-year degree
  • future plans to pursue master’s or doctoral degrees
  • potential to increase income within allied health field of practice
  • credibility within health care setting
  • potential to move to a management position within allied health field
  • transition to another career outside of allied health field (i.e., alternate route to teacher education) 

Student Learning Outcomes / Program Objectives

  • Demonstrate knowledge of health services organization and delivery relevant to entry-level administration practice.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the determinants and measures of health and disease.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic principles of health administration.
  • Apply knowledge and principles of management in Allied Health settings.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the economic and legal-political aspects of the health systems.