About this Bachelor's Degree

The multifaceted nature of anthropology, which integrates into a single discipline the social sciences, the natural sciences and humanistic studies, uniquely combines skills and insights that will prove essential in many contemporary settings.

Students will complete courses in cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, archaeology and anthropological linguistics.

Student Learning Outcomes / Program Objectives

  • All undergraduate majors in anthropology will read about, discuss, and write about central theories and theorists in the history of the discipline, and they will be required to demonstrate an accurate understanding of such theory.
  • All students in the undergraduate program in anthropology will be required to demonstrate the ability to apply the theories and perspective of anthropology to current 'real world' issues.
  • All students in the undergraduate program in anthropology are expected to be able to demonstrate an ability to communicate anthropological concepts and perspectives orally.
  • All students are expected to learn to design and carry out an independent research project in the field of anthropology.
  • The program in anthropology seeks to prepare students to succeed after graduation by giving them tools and confidence needed to enter the work force or graduate school.