Course descriptions

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400. Technology Commercialization. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: Senior standing. Technology Commercialization will examine the theory, practice, implications, and history of technological innovation. Students will be introduced to key concepts in this field. The relationship between theories of technology development and various strategies for commercializing new technologies will be explored.

410. Applied Technology. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: Student must be in final semester prior to graduation. Students will apply the knowledge gained from all courses in the Applied Technology BS curriculum to evaluate and apply technology in the workplace, and will increase their awareness of the types of applied technology used and the issues involved in making applied technology successful.


460. Performance Technology I. 3 hrs. Examines foundations, process models, interventions, and professional practice issues for improving workforce productivity and competence.


The semester credit hours are listed after the title of each course.

100. Introduction to the Arts. 3 hrs. A team-taught investigation of the music, visual and theatrical arts designed for students who are not otherwise academically involved with these arts (CC 1233)

Southern Miss courses for which there are acceptable junior/community college courses are marked as (CC ____). It should be noted that there is a variance in course sequence between the junior/community colleges and Southern Miss. In addition, courses with the same junior/community college numbers vary from college to college. An adviser should be consulted before course scheduling.

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