About this Bachelor's Degree

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art (Graphic Design) degree program prepares students for careers such as graphic designer, art director, multimedia artist/animator and industrial designer.

Graduates go on to work for design firms, agencies or in-house design departments for both private and public businesses, like hospitals, casinos and universities.

The design process

Design students are creative and able to search for unique ways to solve problems. In the graphic design program, students rarely settle for the first idea that comes to mind. Instead, they challenge themselves to think outside the box.

Students learn to take a client’s idea from a blank canvass to a tangible product that will market their products or services.

Hands-on faculty, in-studio classes

The program provides hands-on learning from faculty who have both industry and research experience and who are engaged outside the classroom to stay current on industry trends.

Instead of lecture-based classes, faculty offer students in-studio classes that provide the opportunity to create work and get feedback.

The degree year-by-year

Freshmen who choose to major in graphic design take classes like basic drawing and basic design to build the foundation for higher-level coursework. As sophomores, students compile a portfolio for their sophomore review that design faculty review.

Upon approval, students will then advance to upper-level coursework that culminates with a senior project. Senior students will complete an extensive project that allows them to do in-depth and rigorous exploration and creation of a product that ranges from a personal branding operation to logo creation to website.

The options are limitless and often depend on the student’s passion and creative devices.

Because faculty spend a lot of time with students on their senior projects, the relationship often becomes more like colleagues in a professional environment rather than a college classroom. This, faculty members say, gives students independence to unleash their creativity and faculty a chance to be mentors.

Is this Degree Right for You?

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Career Options*

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and O*Net, a partner of the American Job Center
*This is not a comprehensive list.

Job Outlook

  • Graphic Designers: Bright - New job opportunities are very likely in the future.

MyNextMove, a partner of the American Job Center

Median Income

  • $34,600 in Mississippi
  • $42,400 in the U.S.

MyNextMove, a partner of the American Job Center

Student Learning Outcomes / Program Objectives

  • Students establish an awareness of professional practices in the visual arts as artists.
  • Students demonstrate the capability of thinking critically and creatively, integrating knowledge and ways of knowing, making reflective judgments, and identifying significant ideas and their underlying assumptions.
  • Students demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the history of art.
  • Students create a substantive body of artwork that reflects their mastery of materials, intellectual independence, analytical thought and creative problem-solving.
  • Students demonstrate the ability to communicate in oral and written formats to both artists and non-artists.