Casino Management Certificate


The mission of the Casino Management Undergraduate Certificate program is to provide a fully online program for individuals who are currently working in the hospitality industry who want to enhance their qualifications and broaden their knowledge in the specialized area of gaming management.

This program is ideal for individuals who want to see employment in the gaming industry as well as current employees who want to upgrade their knowledge base and credentials in order to advance to management positions.

Learning Objectives

  • Conceptual Knowledge – Students will define important business and casino industry terms, acronyms and concepts and be able to use and apply them in appropriate industry context.
  • Global Citizenship – Students completing the program will demonstrate values, attitudes and behaviors that reflect cultural sensitivity, professional ethics, social responsibility and traditional business practices.
  • Oral Business Communications – Students will possess the ability to organize and present precise and clear verbal instructions, deliver verbal reports and demonstrate effective oral communication skills traditionally required of managers in casino and resort management positions and within traditional business and service environment.
  • Written Business Communications – Students will possess the ability to produce well-constructed written business communications such as reports and documents (including electronic) traditionally found in casino and resort management positions.
  • Technological, Administrative and Managerial Skills – Students completing the program will demonstrate the requisite level of information and communication technology skills such as the use of Office productivity tools, data analytics tools and the Internet as well as skills in time management and multi-tasking.
  • Creative and Critical Thinking – Students will demonstrate the ability to generate something fundamentally new out of their creative thinking process or put existing element together in a new system, format, or structure to improve upon what already exists.


Applicant for any undergraduate certificate may be considered for admission providing they submit the following:

  1. Application for undergraduate admissions
  2. 35 nonrefundable application fee
  3. Official transcript from last school attended or GED certificate

Students enrolled in certificate programs at The University of Southern Mississippi wishing to seek an undergraduate degree must meet full admission requirements.

To effectively compete in this certificate program, students must possess basic industry knowledge, be able to apply general business concepts and theories in casino-specific case studies, demonstrate effective skills such as respect, cultural appreciation, ethics and technical skills such as coordination, systems management and multitasking that are involved in successful casino operations and gaming management.

This 15-hour certificate can be completed in one year or less, with each course lasting approximately 15 weeks. The certificate is awarded to students completing the required four courses and one elective with a passing grade in each course of a “C” or better. All courses must be taken through The University of Southern Mississippi, College of Business, Department of Casino Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Degree Plan / Course Descriptions

TM 378. Casino and Resort Operations. 3 hrs. An introduction to all aspects of casino/resort operations

TM 471. Regulatory Legal Security Aspects of Casino Operations. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: TM 378 and Jr. and must be 21 years of age or older. An in-depth overview of the regulatory, legal and security aspects of the casino/resort industry

TM 472. Casino and Resort Marketing. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: TM 378, IT 363. An integrated and in-depth overview of the application of marketing concepts within the casino/resort industry

TM 475. Casino and Resort Financial Analysis. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: TM 378, IT 361. An integrated and in-depth overview of financial management operations within the casino/resort industry

TM 478. Casino and Resort Operations Management II. 3 hrs. An overall integration of all aspects of casino/resort operations