Course descriptions

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150. Child and Family in the Community. 3 hrs. Explores the influence of environmental, psychological, cultural and societal factors on the growth and development of young children within the family

350. Child Development. 2 hrs. Designed to present theory, research, and evidence-based practice concerning the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development of children; this course is a prerequisite for all CD courses except CD 450 and CD 477

+350L. Child Development Laboratory. 1 hr. A laboratory experience designed to promote understanding of the contextual development of young children through observation of children in diverse settings

351. Advanced Child Development. 3 hrs. Designed to build upon knowledge and skills acquired in CD 350 regarding developmentally effective practice. An emphasis is also placed on formal assessment of children

351L. Advanced Child Development Laboratory. 1 hr. Designed to build on basic assessment skills developed in CD 350 laboratory and evaluate connections to theoretical concepts as observed in early childhood settings

352. Behavior and Guidance of the Young Child. 2 hrs. Prerequisites: CD 350 and CD 350L. Corequisite: CD 352L. Designed to present developmentally appropriate behavior patterns and evidence-based guidance principles for young children in and outside of the classroom setting

+352L. Behavior and Guidance of the Young Child Laboratory. 1 hr. Corequisite: CD 352. An interactive laboratory for the study of developmental behavior patterns and evidenced-based principles for guiding the behavior of young children

359. Preschool Teachers’ Workshop I, II, III. 1 hr. For teachers, administrators and educational leaders of early childhood centers with emphasis on administration, curriculum and other appropriate subjects

+378. The Hospitalized Child. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: CD 350, 350L, BSC 250, BSC 250L, BSC 251, BSC 251L; or permission of instructor. Overview of the role of the child life specialist in working with children and their families in healthcare settings, with emphasis on both theory and evidence-based practice

+400. Child Life Clinical Practicum. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: CD 378. Practicum experience in a pediatric health care facility with on-site supervision by a certified child life specialist

450. Administration of Child and Family Programs. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: 3 hrs. in child development. Evaluation of policies and procedures, organizational structure, leadership and management of child and family programs

451. Infant Development. 2 hrs. Prerequisites: CD 350 and CD 350L. Corequisite: CD 451L. Explores the relationships that influence the optimal development of infants and toddlers based on current research

+451L. Infant Development Laboratory. 1 hr. Corequisite: CD 451. An interactive experience connecting theory to practice with regard to infants and toddlers within diverse environments

452. Child Development Methods and Materials. 2 hrs. Prerequisites: CD 350, CD 350L, CD 352, CD 352L; Corequisite: CD 452L. Evaluation and selection of methods and curriculum materials used to promote the optimal development of young children in all developmental domains (physical, social, emotional and cognitive)

+452L. Child Development Methods and Materials Laboratory. 1 hr. Corequisite: CD 452. An interactive laboratory for implementing methods and curriculum materials used to promote the optimal development of young children

453. Curriculum Activities for Young Children. 2 hrs. Prerequisites: CD 350 and CD 350L; CD 352 and CD 352L. Corequisite: CD 453L. A study of educational activities for young children

+453L. Curriculum Activities for Young Children Laboratory. 1 hr. Corequisite: CD 453. A laboratory for the study and application of effective educational activities for young children

+455. Supervised Participation. 9 hrs. Prerequisites: All courses required for majors. Restricted to majors in Child and Family Studies. Supervised practicum in a departmentally approved early childhood setting that focuses on curriculum materials, diversity, developmentally effective methods and management techniques

+456. Internship in Child Life. 12 hrs. Prerequisites: CD 378, 400, permission of adviser and 50 volunteer hours under the direction of a certified child life specialist. Restricted to majors in Child and Family Studies; a supervised clinical experience in a health care facility under the supervision of a certified child life specialist

477. Developmental Disabilities in Early Childhood. 3 hrs. Overview of contributing factors to atypical early development; assessment, identification and management of at-risk conditions; legal/ethical issues; and legislation/litigation

478. Specialized Studies in Developmental Disabilities. 1-6 hrs. (var) Specialized study and skill acquisition in the area of developmental disabilities; topics vary

480. Student Teaching:Pre-Kindergarten. 7 hrs. Prerequisites: All required courses and admission into Licensure Track. Corequisite: CIP 480. Supervised practicum in a departmentally approved pre-kindergarten setting that focuses on curriculum materials, diversity, developmentally effective methods and management techniques

492. Special Problems in Child Development. 1-4 hrs. Prerequisites: CD 350 and consent of instructor (Students undertaking a Seniors Honors Project will enroll in CD 492H)

497. Professional Collaboration for Developmental Disability Services. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: Upper-level undergraduate students only. Study of the interdependent contributions of relevant disciplines in training, service and research


101. Introduction to Professional Studies. 1 hr. Introduces the integrative nature of professions dealing with quality of life for individuals and families and issues of professional ethics

150. Social and Professional Development. 2 hrs. Study and application of skills and competencies necessary for professional success (CC1112)

151. Personal Development and Interpersonal Relationships. 3 hrs. A study of human development through awareness and understanding of peer and family relationships (CC2143)

351. Marital and Family Relationships. 3 hrs. A study of relationship changes over the family life cycle with an emphasis on the systemic nature of interactions

352. Families and Adolescents. 3 hrs. Study of the changes, experiences and needs of families and adolescents from a family systems perspective

+441. Internship. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: Senior standing and consent of instructor. supervised field experiences in a business or industry setting

442. Personal and Family Financial Management. 3 hrs. Evaluation of skills in managing financial resources across the family life span with attention to quality of life issues

443. Family Resource Management. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: FAM 442 or consent of instructor. Application of management principles to the problems of individuals and families

450. Sexuality in the Family System. 3 hrs. Research and theory on the impact of family life cycle changes on sexuality, intimacy and gender needs and implications for family professional

451. Marriage Adjustments: Communication and Conflict. 3 hrs. Mate selection, marital adjustment, divorce and remarriage are examined within Family Systems Theory; emphasis on communication, power struggles and problem solving

452. Parenthood. 3 hrs. Relationships of parents and children, with emphasis on parenting styles and practices; the need for parent education based on theory and practices that promot optimal adult development are stressed

453. The Family in Later Life. 3 hrs. An examination of the aging process with emphasis on intergenerational relationships, family life cycle, normative and non-normative changes and influences, and multiple stressors

454. Special Topics in Gerontology. 1-3 hrs. Study of current issues in the field of aging. Topics will vary; may be repeated with permission of adviser

455. Family Theories. 3 hrs. Writing Intensive. An examination of systems theory and other commonly used theoretical approaches to better understand and increase insight into families and development across the lifespan

456. Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: Senior Standing, an overall 2.80 GPA or better, and permission of instructor; an introductory study of the historical, conceptual and contemporary contexts of the profession of marriage and family therapy

475. Contemporary Issues Affecting the Quality of Life. 3 hrs. Senior Capstone. Prerequisite: Senior Standing or permission of instructor. Restricted to Child and Family Studies majors. An integration of knowledge and skills that focuses on a systemic perspective and the family professional's role in improving quality of life for children and families

+490. Practicum. 3-9 hrs. Prerequisites: FCS 401 and Senior standing. Restricted to Child and Family Studies majors. Supervised practicum in a departmentally approved work setting that serves to connect academic preparation with professional practice

492. Special Problems in Family and Consumer Sciences. 1-4 hrs. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor. (Students undertaking a Seniors Honor Project will enroll in FAM H492

498. British Studies Program: Studies in Family Relations. 3-6 hrs. Current topics, trends and issues which impact the family; offered in London, England



The semester credit hours are listed after the title of each course.

100. Introduction to the Arts. 3 hrs. A team-taught investigation of the music, visual and theatrical arts designed for students who are not otherwise academically involved with these arts (CC 1233)

Southern Miss courses for which there are acceptable junior/community college courses are marked as (CC ____). It should be noted that there is a variance in course sequence between the junior/community colleges and Southern Miss. In addition, courses with the same junior/community college numbers vary from college to college. An adviser should be consulted before course scheduling.

The plus (+) sign in front of a course indicates that a special fee is charged for that course. (All labs are subject to a usage fee.)