About this Bachelor's Degree

The Dance Education Dance degree is a licensure program where students graduate licensed to teach in publics school K-12. There is extensive coursework in Dance Education, and pedagogy and the final experience is student teaching for a semester.

Student Learning Outcomes / Program Objectives

  • Students are able to articulate the dance experience and situate creative works by themselves and others in the larger field of dance both theoretically and aesthetically.  
  • Students apply broad knowledge and experiences to dance-making and demonstrate a developed sense of what constitutes a serious work of dance with coherent and embodied goals and ideas.
  • Graduates are prepared to successfully participate in the dance field as performers, choreographers, graduate students and/or scholars.
  • Students are able to perform 400-level (advanced level) exit competencies in dance technique. A minimum of two semesters of DAN 402 is required. A minimum of two semesters of DAN 401 is required.
  • Students display an integrated and comprehensive knowledge of the dance field - historical, cultural, theoretical and aesthetic, practical and pedagogic.