Facilities and Research

The EET program maintains state-of-the-art laboratories to provide students with hands-on application experiences. Students have access to the following labs:

  • Analog Electronics Devices and Circuits Engineering Laboratory
  • Digital Electronics Microprocessor – Embedded Computer Engineering Laboratory
  • Communications – Signal Processing Engineering Laboratory
  • Electrical Power Engineering Laboratory
  • Control Systems – Robotics Instrumentation and Automation Engineering Laboratory
  • Automated Printed Circuit Board and Senior Project Design Engineering Laboratory

EET has an active research program that includes such areas as:

  • Electromagnetics
  • Transducer/sensor development
  • Cryogenic instrumentation
  • Noninvasive flow measurement
  • Acoustics
  • Low/high temperature testing
  • Mechanical shock/impact testing
  • Ultra high vacuum systems
  • Space and planetary chamber
  • Laboratory/test stand automation

Much of the research is conducted in the Instrumentation and Cryogenics Laboratory.