About this Bachelor's Degree

The Department of English faculty's wide range of research areas and publications offers students a variety of course options, from the traditional literary canon, to contemporary fiction and poetry writing classes offered by faculty in the Center for Writers.

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English provides students with a structured program of study, progressing from foundational to upper-division courses in literary, creative and rhetorical studies. Students develop increasing proficiency in critical thinking, writing and interpretation of literary and cultural texts. We offer small, student-centered classes using innovative pedagogies that embrace a variety of teaching approaches and strategies.

The licensure option prepares students for teaching positions in secondary schools.

The English major equips students for a wide array of careers. Graduates know how to:

  • conduct research
  • write good prose
  • edit the prose of colleagues
  • organize their thoughts
  • present thoughts cogently
  • speak properly

Those are skills that any employer will want. The emphasis is on abilities to communicate in writing, whether it be a corporate report, a business letter or an e-mail. Four years of English study enable graduates to become solid, reliable and fluent writers.

Student Learning Outcomes / Program Objectives

  • Students will demonstrate that they learned to develop a thesis statement in the introduction of the paper and are able to defend it in the course of the essay.
  • Students will demonstrate a clear understanding of the primary texts, a familiarity with the genre and period from which a text comes, and an ability to use literary terminology.
  • Students will demonstrate writing skills at the stylistic, structural, and grammatical levels.
  • Students will practice discipline-appropriate methods of research including evaluation and use of electronic sources. Sub-categories in this area include proficiency in locating material, documenting sources, and distinguishing between writer and source so as to avoid plagiarism.
  • Students will demonstrate advanced discipline-appropriate skills and effective writing and speaking skills.
  • Students will demonstrate a professional demeanor in the classroom.