All degrees require a minimum grade of “C” in each major course and a GPA of 2.50 in the major for graduation.

All students must select an academic minor within a program outside the School of Mass Communication and Journalism.

Film Skills Sequence (27 hours):

  • FLM 351-Foundations of Filmmaking
  • FLM 370-Film History
  • FLM 371-Basic Cinematography
  • FLM 470-Contemporary Cinema
  • FLM 471-Advanced Cinematography
  • FLM 472-Writing for Television and Film (Writing Intensive)
  • FLM 478-Seminar in Film
  • FLM 479-Film Theory and Criticism (Capstone)
  • FLM 485-Film Editing

Film Electives (3-6 hours):
Consult with your adviser for FLM course options

Requirements for a minor in Film: (18 hours)
(Courses only offered on USM Gulf Park Campus)

  • FLM 351-Foundations of Filmmaking
  • FLM 371-Basic Cinematography
  • FLM 370-Film History or FLM 470-Contemporary Cinema
  • FLM 479-Film Theory

Six additional hours of FLM courses at the 300/400-level

Note: Students who choose FLM 471-Advanced Cinematography must also take FLM 485-Film Editing.