Course descriptions

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170. Introduction to Film Studies. 3 hrs. An examination of the formal aspects of style and narrative in Hollywood narrative cinema, art cinema narration, avant-garde and documentary film

351. Foundations of Filmmaking. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: Junior standing. An introduction to the equipment, practices and techniques of 16mm film production

370. Film History. 3 hrs. This course combines text, lecture, discussion, and screenings to trace the first 50 years of motion pictures

371. Basic Cinematography. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: FLM 351. This course introduces students to the professional 16mm film format

373. Film Animation. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. A study of the basic principles of film animation

436. Western Film Genre. 3 hrs. The course examines the interaction of stylistic and thematic elements associated with the Western film genre.

470. Contemporary Cinema. 3 hrs. An historical treatment of the international trends in film from 1945 to the present; feature films are screened for analysis and discussion

471. Advanced Cinematography. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: FLM 371 and consent of instructor. Advanced instruction and practical production experience in 16mm motion picture cinematography; capstone course for radio-television-film majors in film emphasis; completion of senior portfolio required

472. Writing for Television and Film. 3 hrs. Narrative scriptwriting for television and film dramatic content; typing proficiency required

473. The Documentary Film. 3 hrs. Evaluation of the documentary tradition in film through viewing and analysis of selected documentaries and review of pertinent literature

474. Film Noir. 3 hrs. The course examines the interaction of stylistic and thematic elements associated with the Film Noir period and their impact on contemporary cinema.

475. Film Business Procedures and Management. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Study of the business practices and problems involved in film production

476. British Film. 3-6 hrs. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Lecture and research in British filmmaking offered abroad under the auspices of the Institute of Anglo-American Studies

477. Advanced Film Production Workshop. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Advanced practical experience and instruction in film direction and cinematography. May be repeated for a total of six hours

478. Seminar in Film. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Examination of a film topic. May be repeated with a different topic or combined with FLM 448 for a total of six hours

479. Film Theory and Criticism. 3 hrs. Study of major film theories through study of the literature of film theory and screening and discussion of selected films

485. Film Editing. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: FLM 471 or consent of instructor. Concentration on editing of sound and picture in the 16mm film format

492. Special Problems in Radio, Television, and Film. 1-3 hrs. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Arranged, in-depth investigation of an individual research topic (Students undertaking a Senior Honors Project must enroll in FLM 492H.)


The semester credit hours are listed after the title of each course.

100. Introduction to the Arts. 3 hrs. A team-taught investigation of the music, visual and theatrical arts designed for students who are not otherwise academically involved with these arts (CC 1233)

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