Course descriptions

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Enrollment in courses numbered 300 or above requires at least junior standing

200. Personal Finance. 3 hrs. Personal financial management; borrowing sources/costs; auto, property, life insurance; home ownership financing; personal investment strategy; long-range personal financial planning

300. Principles of Finance. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: ACC 200, ECO 201, 202 and MAT 102. A study of the principles of financial analysis; grade of C or better required to take higher-level finance courses for banking and finance and personsal finance planning majors only

301. Financial Management. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: FIN 300. The application of financial theory to management decisions faced by firms

310. Money and Capital Markets. 3 hrs. corequisite: FIN 300 as corequisite or prerequisite. A study of the financial instruments and operations of financial markets

320. Retirement Planning. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: FIN 300. Study of the management of personal financial affairs

350. Bank Administration. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: FIN 300. A comprehensive survey of management problems faced by banks

352. Principles of Investments. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: FIN 300. Introduction to security analysis and portfolio theory

380. Financial Analysis. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: FIN 300. Develops understanding of small business financial needs, especially financial statement analysis and working capital management; not open to finance, PFP, or real estate majors

392. Estate and Business Planning. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: FIN 300. The role of wills, trusts, loans, and insurance in a personal and business planning framework

394. Supervised Field Experience in Finance. 1-3 hrs. Prerequisites: FIN 350 or FIN 392 and permission of instructor

462. Security Analysis. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: FIN 352. A study of international, national, industrial and corporate effects on security prices

472. International Business Finance. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: FIN 300. A study of the financial management problems faced by multinational business firms

492. Special Problems in Finance. 1-6 hrs. Prerequisite: FIN 300 and consent of chair. Individual study of an approved topic in finance (Students undertaking a Senior Honors Project will enroll in FIN H492.)

498. International Finance Seminar Abroad. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: FIN 300 and consent of program director. A series of lectures and discussions involving authorities on international financial issues and practices

499. International Finance Research Abroad. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: FIN 300 and consent of program director. A research course in international finance offered for students enrolled in FIN 498


The semester credit hours are listed after the title of each course.

100. Introduction to the Arts. 3 hrs. A team-taught investigation of the music, visual and theatrical arts designed for students who are not otherwise academically involved with these arts (CC 1233)

Southern Miss courses for which there are acceptable junior/community college courses are marked as (CC ____). It should be noted that there is a variance in course sequence between the junior/community colleges and Southern Miss. In addition, courses with the same junior/community college numbers vary from college to college. An adviser should be consulted before course scheduling.

The plus (+) sign in front of a course indicates that a special fee is charged for that course. (All labs are subject to a usage fee.)