Study abroad

In conjunction with International Programs, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures also offers a wide variety of study-abroad options ranging from three weeks to an entire academic year in locations such as France, Canada, Spain, Mexico and Costa Rica.

Requirements for credit in Spanish and French:

Capstone requirement
Spanish and French majors must take a 400-level capstone course at the Hattiesburg campus before graduation.

Please be aware that students not meeting this requirement before departing for study abroad will need to fulfill it during an additional semester of study upon their return. Two 400-level courses are recommended.

Before departure
Candidates for semester exchange programs must meet with a foreign language adviser for advising, orientation and approval of proposed program of study before final acceptance into the program is conferred.

Students wishing to receive credit from other departments must communicate with and obtain approval from the department before departure. Students completing their last or penultimate semester abroad must submit an application for graduation (signed by adviser, chair and dean) before departure.

Upon return
Please be aware that foreign language faculty (not on-site instructors) assign final grades for courses bearing SPA (Spanish) or FRE (French) credit. To be successfully awarded Southern Miss credit for your coursework abroad, students must return with complete documentation of all graded and non-graded coursework, including:

  • course texts
  • course syllabi
  • course handouts, including photocopied materials
  • exams and quizzes
  • dated lecture notes
  • exercises or course activities
  • research papers, presentations and final projects

Students are responsible for presenting a packet of materials in which they divide all coursework into course categories and state what course they believe is an equivalent at Southern Miss.

This description must also include beginning and ending dates for each course, how many hours the courses met per week and describe the general themes and/or subject matter covered. Grades and teacher notes that are posted from courses abroad will be taken into consideration when giving credit and assigning grades.

For courses that do not have an exact equivalent in Hattiesburg, students will receive either 381 or 481 credit depending on level of difficulty and work production.

Students will not be able to graduate in the spring semester while abroad; they must return to campus to verify coursework transfers.

If students do not take exams or midterms abroad for each course, they must:

  • Document all lecture notes
  • Write either a 7- to 10-page research-oriented paper in Spanish or French, or create a research project for each course to demonstrates their understanding of a topic under study

In addition, students may be asked to do one of the following:

  • Keep a journal
  • Document visits to places of historical significance in relation to the course topics
  • Conduct, record and then transcribe interviews with specialists in the field of study to further enhance their understanding of the topics understudy
  • Prepare a portfolio of texts, writings or creative activities that are in concert with the course topics

General policy 
Students may earn 12 hours toward the major depending on placement; students can be given foreign language credit for other coursework, which will not count toward the major but will count toward overall graduation hours.

Failure to follow procedures will delay coursework transfers and graduation, or risk coursework transfer altogether.