About this Bachelor's Degree

The School of Criminal Justice degree program in forensic science with an emphasis in biological sciences is designed to provide students the skill set necessary to enter the profession with an eye toward DNA analysis and related identification/investigative tasks.

The program is open to freshman and transfer students alike. The school prides itself on quality and individualized advisement--both professional and academic--so that students are empowered to accomplish their highest personal aspirations.

The faculty are easily approachable, and all are nationally recognized in their respective areas of expertise, lending strong credibility and practical knowledge to the classroom experience.

Student Learning Outcomes / Program Objectives

  • Students will acquire the ability to thoroughly communicate scientific principles and analytical results in a professional or legal setting.
  • Students completing the program must be able to demonstrate a competency in written and oral communication skills.
  • Students completing the program will acquire the requisite level of technological skills necessary to compete within the modern employment or higher education arena.  
  • Students completing the program will understand the historical development, structure and services provided by Forensic Scientists as their role applies to the various justice and law enforcement systems.
  • Students completing the program will gain a strong theoretical understanding of the basic scientific principles of their respective discipline and how they relate to the practice of Forensic Science.