Geographic Information Technology Certificate


The Certificate in Geographic Information is a professional curriculum that prepares students to employ geographic information effectively for solution of problems in many fields.

The certificate program is open to both resident degree candidates and practitioners who need to update and formalize their knowledge pertaining to use of geographic information and who comply with either traditional or nontraditional admission requirements of the university as specified in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Students may complete the certificate program with or without being admitted to a specific degree program. Students must declare their intent to complete the certificate program in a letter to the Department of Geography before completing six (6) credit hours of the courses required for the Certificate.


Applicant for any undergraduate certificate may be considered for admission providing they submit the following:

  1. Application for undergraduate admissions
  2. 35 nonrefundable application fee
  3. Official transcript from last school attended or GED certificate

Students enrolled in certificate programs at The University of Southern Mississippi wishing to seek an undergraduate degree must meet full admission requirements.

To earn this certificate, students are required to complete a minimum of 15 credit hours, all with grades of B or better. These courses may be taken by the student as part of a degree major or minor or as a suite of electives. Students may complete the certificate curriculum by taking the courses in any combination of either physical or virtual classrooms.

Degree Plan / Course Descriptions

GHY 410. 21st Century Cartography. 2 hrs. Corequisite: GHY 410L. Design of maps and graphs to effectively communicate spatial information. Map and geographic data sources.

GHY 410L. 21st Century Cartography Laboratory. 2 hrs. Corequisite: GHY 410. Use of mapping software to design and construct effective maps and techniques for obtaining maps and geographic data from the World Wide Web and other sources.

GHY 411. Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation. 3 hrs. Corequisite: GHY 411L. Acquisition, analysis and interpretation of aerial photographic products, digital remotely sensed imagery and the analytic tools in current use by the public and private sectors.

GHY 411L. Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation Laboratory. 1 hr. Corequisite: GHY 411. Application of remote sensing images interpretation principles using manual and automated analysis tools.

GHY 412. Environmental Remote Sensing. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: GHY 411 or permission of instructor. corequisite: GHY 412L. Advanced image processing techniques using a variety of images and computer packages; course focus is on environmental applications and integration with other spatial analysis tools.

GHY 412L. Environmental Remote Sensing Laboratory. 1 hr. Prerequisite: GHY 411L or permission of instructor; corequisite: GHY 412. Students are exposed to a variety of advanced image processing techniques using digital remote sensing imagery.

GHY 416. Computer Applications in Geography. 2 hrs. Corequisite: GHY 416L. Role of personal computers in geography; concepts and applications of computerized geographic mapping, information, simulation and analytic techniques.

GHY 416L. Computer Applications in Geography Laboratory. 1 hr. Corequisite: GHY 416. Operation of computerized geographic mapping, information, simulation and analytic systems.

GHY 417. Geographic Information System. 2 hrs. Corequisite: GHY 417L. Concepts and applications of geographic information systems in natural and human resource management and business decision-making.

GHY 417L. Geographic Information System Laboratory. 1 hr. Corequisite: GHY 417. Operation of computerized geographic information systems for design-making.

GHY 418. Spatial Analysis. 2 hrs. Prerequisite: GHY 417. Corequisite: GHY 418L. Theory and application of geographic information systems and spatial statistics in decision-making.

GHY 418L. Spatial Analysis Laboratory. 2 hrs. Corequisite: GHY 418. Design, construction and use of a geographic information system database.

GHY 419. Managing Geographic Information Systems. 1 hr. Theory and practice of managing a geographic information system.

GHY 494. Prolaboratory in Geographic Information. 1 hr. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Preparation and presentation of a professional GIS, remote sensing or cartographic project; may be repeated with change of content for a total of six hours.