About this Bachelor's Degree

The information technology program at The University of Southern Mississippi prepares its graduates for careers in business and industry planning, implementing and supporting complex information systems.

Academic preparation focuses on positions requiring the development, management and operation of computer systems and applications in networked environments.

All courses emphasize compliance with and implementation of international and industry standards and good practices. Graduates possess the communications and programming skills in languages commonly used in business and industrial settings, and each student is required to pursue a concentration that stresses the application of associated software.

Concentration areas include computer networking and solution development. The networking concentration has specialization tracks in client-server networking, wide-area networking and information security.

Minors are available in information technology and information security.

Student Learning Outcomes / Program Objectives

  • IT students will prepare professional written communications appropriate for information technology clients, users and peers.   
  • Information Technology (IT) students will prepare and present professional oral communications with IT clients, IT users and peers
  • IT students will analyze the impact of information technology with respect to legal, ethical, and policy issues.
  • IT students will use and apply current information technology skills and practices.
  • IT students will create a feasible and effective IT project plan using project management techniques and software applications.