About this Bachelor's Degree

The Department of Technology Education is a preeminent provider of programs focusing on the development, integration and utilization of technologies for the teaching/learning environment and for business and industry. 

The program prepares students for technology and teaching positions in business/industry, government, military, education, health and medicine and various training organizations. 

The department also offers a computer application endorsement for licensed teachers who hold a Class “A,” or higher, teaching certificate in the state of Mississippi.

Student Learning Outcomes / Program Objectives

  • Teacher candidates will demonstratre business education content knowledge.
  • Integrate and apply skills through a field-based experience in secondary business technology education.
  • Demonstrate written and oral communication skills appropriate for future business technology educators.
  • Apply teaching/learning theories to develop pedagogical strategies, techniques for integrating technology into instruction, assessment and evaluative strategies, and classroom management techniques.
  • Teacher candidates will impact student learning by integrating technology effectively in instruction