About this Bachelor's Degree

The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (B.I.S.) undergraduate program allows students to create interdisciplinary specialties in preparation for careers in a world where complex issues demand multi-faceted knowledge and skills.

With the help of an interdisciplinary studies faculty adviser, students will select courses from two or more disciplines and focus their program on the basis of a unifying issue, theme or topic as an area of concentration. Students will work closely with faculty from each selected discipline to design a program meeting their diverse educational and career goals.

B.I.S. students are required to cultivate relationships with assigned or designated faculty, taking initial responsibility in developing their individualized programs.

Interdisciplinary studies students will develop individualized, coherent, intellectually challenging, cross-disciplinary academic plans, utilizing courses selected from departments at The University of Southern Mississippi.

Student Learning Outcomes / Program Objectives

  • Students will learn to design effective research projects.  Their projects will reflect individual research on issues related to our campus, our community, and our future.
  • Our students will learn that research is a collaborative process and that learning appropriate processes for critiquing research and critical and analytical thinking help improve research design and lead to new avenues for questions and answers.  
  • Students will demonstrate that they have mastered the skills necessary to present and defend their individual research and their choice of a degree in interdisciplinary studies. 
  • Students will design a professional portfolio to highlight their research project and career goals.  This will also contain materials related to their own post-graduation goals.
  • Students will participate in self evaluation and peer evaluation processes to critique their own performance and that of the other students at every level.