Course descriptions

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304. Issues in America. 3 hrs. Topics vary according to professor and department in which the course is offered. May be repeated for credit if content varies

403. Seminar in American Studies. 3 hrs. Required of American Studies majors during senior year; open to other majors with permission of professor

404. Issues in America. 3 hrs. Topics vary according to professor and department in which the course is offered. May be repeated for credit if content varies

492. Special Problems. 1-3 hrs. Students undertaking a Senior Honors Project will enroll in AMS H492.

499. British Studies: Anglo-American Studies. 3-6 hrs. A seminar conducted in Great Britain under the auspices of the Southern Miss Institute of Anglo-American Studies


101. Introduction to Interdisciplinary Inquiry. 3 hrs. Interdisciplinary inquiry allows students to explore a specific topic from a variety of perspectives. Topics and disciplines will vary with faculty and student interests.

181. Explorations in Service Learning. 1-6 hrs. This course will connect a hands-on service experience with the academic reflection integral to the interdisciplinary practice of service-learning.

201. Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar. 1hr. Prerequisites: IDS301; permission of instructor. Introduces the principles of integrative learning and results in the creation of the student's BIS degree plan.

301. Foundations of Interdisciplinary Studies. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: ENG 101, 102. Permission of Department required to enroll. Course for majors only. Students learn from a scholar-team how various disciplines complement one another to reach beyond the limitations of a single discipline.

350. Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies. 3 hrs. Prerequisite(s): Permission of instructor required.  Explores variable topics and themes from an interdisciplinary perspective.  May be repeated to 6 hours with a different topic/theme.

351. Leadership Development for Community Living. 3 hrs. This course explores the interdisciplinary skills and techniques needed to change the policies, programs and/or systems that affect people with disabilities and their families.

401. Applied Interdisciplinary Studies. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: IDS 301. Students research and design an individualized project integrating disciplinary and interdisciplinary training to advance knowledge in their selected concentration area.

402. Integrative Capstone Experience. 3 hrs. Prerequisite(s): IDS 401. Students execute and present the substantial integrative research project designed in IDS 401.

491. Practicum in Interdisciplinary Studies. 1-9 hrs. Permission of instructor required. Practicum experience for students involved in Interdisciplinary Studies research or projects.

492. Special Problems in Interdisciplinary Studies. 3 hrs. Departmental consent required. This course allows students to explore special problems from an interdisciplinary perspective.


301. Introduction to Women’s Studies. 3 hrs. Introduces the interdisciplinary area of Women’s Studies through readings, guest lectures and discussions

310. Ancient and Medieval Women. 3 hrs. Introduces students to women in ancient and medieval Europe, their roles, the attitudes about women, perceptions of their strengths and weaknesses

329. Women in Modern European History. 3 hrs. Provides an introduction to the role of women in modern European history from 1500 to the present

401. African Women Writers. 3 hrs. A study of major contemporary African women writers

402. American Women Writers. 3 hrs. Emphasis on literature written by American women writers. Variable content<

403. British Women Writers. 3 hrs. Emphasizes literature written by British women writers. Variable content

410. Women in American Society. 3 hrs. A survey of the experience of American women from the colonial period to the present with emphasis on the evolution of women’s role in society to changing economic and social conditions

420. Women and Politics. 3 hrs. Examines feminist political theory, the role and status of women in U.S. politics and public policy issues related to women

425. Sociology of Gender. 3 hrs. A study of the relationship between gender and broader cultural patterns in various societies

427. Family Law. 3 hrs. A study of common law and statutory concepts of family relationships emphasizing legal remedies to crime in the family

428. Family Violence, Investigation, and Deterrence. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: CJ 463 or consent of the instructor. A study of child and spouse abuse within the family emphasizing detection, investigation, and deterrence

450. Seminar in Women’s Studies. 3 hrs. Examines specific Women’s Studies topics in depth

490. Directed Research in Women’s Studies. 1-3 hrs. Consent of instructor; enables students to engage in a research project or practicum involving Women’s Studies


The semester credit hours are listed after the title of each course.

100. Introduction to the Arts. 3 hrs. A team-taught investigation of the music, visual and theatrical arts designed for students who are not otherwise academically involved with these arts (CC 1233)

Southern Miss courses for which there are acceptable junior/community college courses are marked as (CC ____). It should be noted that there is a variance in course sequence between the junior/community colleges and Southern Miss. In addition, courses with the same junior/community college numbers vary from college to college. An adviser should be consulted before course scheduling.

The plus (+) sign in front of a course indicates that a special fee is charged for that course. (All labs are subject to a usage fee.)