All degrees require a minimum grade of “C” in each major course and a GPA of 2.50 in the major for graduation.

Mass communication and journalism students, except film majors, must complete a five-course core curriculum of MCJ 101, 102, 103, 200 and 454 and also pass the school's Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation Exam (GSP).

In addition, all students must select an academic minor within a program outside the School of Mass Communication and Journalism.

MCJ core (12 hours):

  • MCJ 101-Survey of Mass Communication
  • MCJ 102-Introduction to Media Writing
  • MCJ 103-Literacy Skills
  • MCJ 200-Digital Media Production (MAC laptop required)
  • MCJ 454-Media Law and Ethics

Public relations skills sequence (18 hrs):

  • MCJ 203-Reporting
  • MCJ 312-Graphic Design
  • MCJ 421-Public Relations
  • MCJ 422-Public Relations Writing and Design (writing-intensive)
  • MCJ 426-Public Relations Research
  • MCJ 428-Public Relations Campaigns (Capstone)

MCJ values elective (3 hours):

Select one of the following:

  • MCJ 355-Gender, Race and Media
  • MCJ 407-Media Theory
  • MCJ 455-Media Ethics
  • MCJ 461-Mass Media History
  • MCJ 462-Media Criticism
  • MCJ 463-Media Management and Economics
  • MCJ 460-Media Law

MCJ electives (3-6 hours):

(Strongly recommended)

  • MCJ 429-Internship

Non-MCJ requirements:

Select one of the following:

  • PSY 360-Introduction to Statistics
  • SOC 460-Quantitative Methods

Requirements for a minor in public relations: (20 hours)

  • MCJ 102—Introduction to Media Writing
  • MCJ 200—Digital Media Production (Mac Laptop Required)
  • MCJ 312—Graphic Design
  • MCJ 421—Public Relations
  • MCJ 422—Public Relations Writing and Design

Select two courses from the following:

  • MCJ 311—News Editing and Design
  • MCJ 424—Public Opinion, Mass Communication and Society
  • MCJ 426—Public Relations Research
  • MCJ 454—Media Law and Ethics
  • MCJ 483—Seminar in Public Relations