Besides the full requirements laid out in the degree plan, the Mathematics (Licensure) B.S. also includes:

Other Requirements

In order to obtain a Mathematics Licensure BS degree, students must additionally apply for admission into the licensure program. Until successful admission, certain classes (in DEG 3) are restricted. In order to apply for admission into the licensure program, the following requirements (taken from the Undergraduate Bulletin) must be met:

  1. one of the following acceptable exam benchmarks must be met:
    (a) an ACT composite score of 21 or higher, with no scale score below 18,
    (b) an SAT of 860 (verbal and quantitative) upon entrance into college
    (c) acceptable scores on the Praxis I subscales computerized PPST: Reading (170), Writing (172) and Mathematics (169),
    (d) acceptable scores on the Praxis I (CBT): Reading (316), Writing (318) and Mathematics (314);
  2. a minimum grade point average on the 44-semester-hour general education core curriculum of 2.65;
  3. a C average in freshman English Composition;
  4. successful completion of the Basic Technology Literacy Exam (BTLE) or IC3 certification;
  5. good academic standing at the University of Southern Mississippi.
    A student on probation, probation continued or suspension status will not be admitted to teacher education until such a time when the transcript reflects good academic standing;
  6. clear background check.
    This is done via a system selected by the Southern Miss Professional Education Council. Each student who applies for admission to a teacher education program must undergo a background check when applying for the Gold Card. Students who pass the background checking process will be issued a background check badge and considered eligible for admission to teacher education pending satisfaction of other admission requirements.

After admission to a professional education program, the following requirements must be met to continue in the program:

  1. All candidates must subscribe to the Tk20 Assessment System. Tk20 provides an electronic portfolio and storage system for students as well as tracks, stores, retrieves and analyzes data for accreditation purposes.
  2. A grade of C or better in all content courses in the academic major as well as all professional education courses with an overall grade point average of 2.50;
  3. fulfillment of major requirements in subject area;
  4. completion of professional education courses required by the major;
  5. take Praxis II content and PLT tests and have scores reported to the University of Southern Mississippi (code #1479) prior to graduation.

A minimum of 30 clock hours of clinical experience is required prior to teacher candidacy (15 hours of observation and 15 hours of practicum).

Requirements for professional education programs are subject to modification. For current program information, students should contact the Educator Licensure Office for the university. Mississippi Department of Education licensure requirements supersede the program requirements listed here or in the Undergraduate Bulletin. Mandated changes in program requirements will be communicated through the candidates department.

The Basic Technology Literacy Exam (BTLE)

In addition, students are required to pass the BTLE in order to receive a Gold Card and admission to teacher education. The minimum score is 70% on each of the five (5) modules. 

Students have the opportunity to enroll in the course IT 201 (Introduction to Educational Technology) offered through the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education, that focuses on basic technology literacy and the competencies included in the BTLE. A requirement of the course is successful completion of the Basic Technology Literacy Exam as a part of the final exam. In addition, students who do not earn the minimum score of 70% on each of the 5 modules are given the opportunity to retest.

Prior to registering for the BTLE, the student must be registered for the current semester and have a valid email address.

Cumulative Credit Hour Requirements

In addition to the course requirements for the General Education and Program Curriculums, a student must also satisfy the following
cumulative credit hour requirements. In particular, transfer students should be aware of these degree requirements when developing their plan of study.

  1. Hours to Degree: at least 124 hours are needed to graduate with either a Mathematics or Mathematics Licensure BS degree.
  2. Hours at Senior College: at least 62 hours applied to the major must be earned from a senior college.
  3. Hours at 300-level: at least 45 hours must be a result of taking courses at the 300-level or above.
  4. Hours in Major Area: at least 12 hours in the major area must be from the University of Southern Mississippi.
  5. Hours at USM: The last 31 hours of coursework must be earned from the University of Southern Mississippi.