Study abroad

The Department of Nutrition and Food Systems offers classes in both the British Studies Program and the Caribbean Studies Program.

Medical Practice: Past, Present and Future
NFS 492/NFS 694: 6 credit hours
Learn about medical practice spanning nine centuries of history and practice in London and Edinburgh, Scotland. Explore the origins of medieval and modern medicine learning from Joseph Lister, John Hunter, Hans Sloan and Florence Nightingale.

The course begins with the earliest medical theory of the four humors, which persisted in medical practice until the Renaissance. We will explore how physicians, surgeons, cooks and apothecaries used food, medicinal plants and diet to promote health and wellness as we visit London’s oldest hospitals and museums.

Explore the development of modern pharmacy practice, surgery, alternative medicine, dentistry, nursing and dietetic practice. See artist renditions of human anatomy and physiology and explore collections of medical specimens collected in the 1700s that trained modern surgeons in London and Edinburgh.

We will explore modern interactive museums to understand current medical practice in Great Britain. See how science in general and medical science in particular emerged into the 21st century, using a health care delivery system that evolved to meet the needs of all UK citizens.

Food, Nutrition and Culture in Jamaica
NFS 492/692: 4 credit hours
This course explores the relationships between food, nutrition and Jamaican culture and society. Students will learn about traditional foods and food patterns, including the role of food in the Jamaican family, religion, holidays and other cultural traditions.

Factors influencing dietary behaviors within this cultural context will be investigated. Students will also examine the nutritional implications of the traditional diet and current economic conditions, including the issues of food insecurity and hunger.

Learning methods will include readings and discussions, conversations with Jamaicans, field trips and “tasting” experiences.