Course descriptions

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167. Nutrition for Living. 1 hr. A study of nutrition concepts relating to health and human wellness (HPR 1241, 1751)

272. Principles of Food Preparation. 2 hrs. Corequisite: NFS 272L. Study of theories and techniques of food preparation and their effects on food products (CC 1213)

+272L. Principles of Food Preparation Laboratory. 1 hr. Corequisite: NFS 272

320. Nutritional Assessment. 2 hrs. Prerequisites: NFS 362; BSC 250/L, 251/L. Corequisite: NFS 320L. Identify techniques of basic assessment of the nutritional status of healthy individuals throughout the life cycle

320L. Nutritional Assessment Laboratory. 1 hr. Corequisite: NFS 320. Develop skills in assessing and articulating the nutritional status of healthy individuals throughout the life cycle

330. Communication Techniques in Nutrition. 2 hrs. Prerequisite: NFS 320/L. Corequisite: NFS 330L. Evaluation of methods of interviewing and counseling clients in nutrition and food selection

330L. Communication Techniques in Nutrition Laboratory. 1 hr. Corequisite: NFS 330. Lab to accompany NFS 330. Students develop appropriate interviewing and counseling techniques in nutrition and food selection

362. Nutrition. 3 hrs. Study of the body’s need for foods, including the chemistry of digestion, metabolism and nutritive requirements of the body during the life cycle (FSC 1233, FSC 1253, BIO 1613)

365. Dietetic Professions: Practice and Research. 3 hrs. Study of the profession of dietetics and the application of research in the field of nutrition and dietetics

385. Medical Nutrition Therapy I. 2 hrs. Prerequisites: NFS 272/L,320/L,362,BSC 250/L,251/L. Corequisite: NFS 385L. Medical nutrition therapy in health promotion. Introduction to the nutrition care process and the role of the dietitian in nutrition therapy

+385L. Medical Nutrition Therapy I Laboratory. 1 hr. Corequisite: NFS 385. Practical application of medical nutrition therapy to health promotion, disease prevention, and menu planning and modification

410. Macronutrient Metabolism. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: CHE 420, NFS 362 and 2.5 GPA in required science courses. The study of carbohydrates, protein and fat in human metabolism; metabolic pathways are explored

411. Micronutrient Metabolism. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: CHE 420, NFS 362. The study of specific effects of vitamins, minerals and water on human metabolism

420. Lifecycle Nutrition. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: BSC 250/L, BSC 251/L, NFS 362. Study of the role of nutrition in health, growth and development at each stage of the life cycle

425. Child Nutrition. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: minimum of one nutrition course. Study of eating patterns and nutritional needs of children and nutrition programs/services available to meet needs

430. Experimental Foods. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: NFS 362 and CHE 106, 106L. Corequisite: NFS 430L. Study of selected nutritional, chemical, physical and sensory properties of foods in relation to preparation procedures

430L. Experimental Foods Lab. 1 hr. Corequisite: NFS 430. Developing the skills to test the chemical, physical and sensory nature of foods

445. Financial Management in Nutrition and Food Systems. 3 hrs. This course is designed to teach financial management skills required in multiple nutrition and food service system settings

455. Nutrition and Weight Control. 3 hrs. A study of the factors that cause weight gain with an explanation of the physiology involved and a critical review of weight reduction plans.

+463. Community Nutrition. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: NFS 330, 330L, 420 or permission of instructor. Corequisite: NFS 463L. Study of nutrition assessment methodology and resources available within the community

463L. Community Nutrition Laboratory. 1 hr. Corequisite: NFS 463. Application of community nutrition skills in a community setting, including needs assessment, program planning, management and evaluation

465. Seminar. 1 hr. Junior or senior status in Nutrition and Dietetics. Selected topics in nutrition; may be repeated for a total of three semester hours

467L. Practicum in Dietetics. 3-6 hrs. Permission of instructor. Application of dietetics in selected health care settings

473. Child Nutrition Program Management. 3 hrs. This course will explore in depth the specific knowledge and skills needed in the management and supervision of multiunits in child nutrition programs

475. Food Production Management. 3 hrs. This course is designed to provide the foundation knowledge and skills required in the operation of noncommercial foodservice establishments

476. Food Production Management II. 1 hr. Prerequisite: NFS 475. Corequisite: NFS 476L. Study of the principles of organization and management applied to institutional food service

476L. Food Production Management II Laboratory. 2 hrs. Corequisite: NFS 476. Application of skills related to commercial and institutional food systems

477. Administrative Dietetics. 1 hr. Prerequisite: NFS 476/476L, ACC 200, MGT 300 or permission of instructor. Corequisite: NFS 477L. Study and application of management theory and techniques in the supervision of food service personnel

477L. Administrative Dietetics Laboratory. 2 hrs. Corequisite: NFS 477. Experiential learning related to management theory and techniques in food production and personnel supervision

480. Current Issues in Nutrition and Food Systems. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: NFS 485, 485L. A study of current trends in applied nutrition with exact topics to vary. Must be in senior status in NFS

481. Financial Management in Child Nutrition Programs. 3 hrs. This course is designed to teach financial management skills required of child nutrition program professionals.

482. Food Production Management in Child Nutrition Prog. 3 hrs. This course is designed to provide the foundation, knowledge, and skills required in the operation of child nutrition programs.

485. Medical Nutrition Therapy II. 2 hrs. Prerequisites: NFS 330/L, 385/L, 420; CHE 420. Corequisite: NFS 485L. Biochemical and physiological basis for dietary treatment of diseases. Application of medical nutrition therapy to menu planning and dietary modifications

+485L. Medical Nutrition Therapy II Laboratory. 1 hr. Corequisite: NFS 485. An application of MNT II through field trips to hospitals, mock charts, case studies, role playing and videotaping

486. Medical Nutrition Therapy III. 2 hrs. Prerequisite: NFS 485/L. Corequisite: NFS 486L. Advanced biochemical and physiological applications for dietary treatment of diseases. Use of medical nutrition therapy in dietary interventions and menu planning.

+486L. Medical Nutrition Therapy III Laboratory. 1 hr. Prerequisite: NFS 485/L. Corequisite: NFS 486. Application of MNT III through case studies, role playing and hospital visits

490. Current Topics in Child Nutrition Programs. 3 hrs. This course will acquaint students with current issues and topics related to the management of USDA child nutrition programs

492. Special Problems in Food and Nutrition. 1-4 hrs. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor (Students undertaking a Seniors Honors Project will enroll in NFS 492H.)


The semester credit hours are listed after the title of each course.

100. Introduction to the Arts. 3 hrs. A team-taught investigation of the music, visual and theatrical arts designed for students who are not otherwise academically involved with these arts (CC 1233)

Southern Miss courses for which there are acceptable junior/community college courses are marked as (CC ____). It should be noted that there is a variance in course sequence between the junior/community colleges and Southern Miss. In addition, courses with the same junior/community college numbers vary from college to college. An adviser should be consulted before course scheduling.

The plus (+) sign in front of a course indicates that a special fee is charged for that course. (All labs are subject to a usage fee.)