About this Bachelor's Degree

The physics licensure degree is intended for students who wish to teach physics at the high school level.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy administers the program through the College of Science and Technology. The College of Education and Psychology administers degrees for elementary and middle-school majors.

Students in the major—"preservice" teachers or teaching "candidates"—undergo a rigorous four-year program that includes teaching in the field.

The state of Mississippi, as well as the entire United States, has a shortage of qualified high school physics teachers. Employment prospects tend to be more positive than those for other teaching subjects.

Graduates may also expect to be called upon to teach subjects other than physics, such as astronomy, earth science, chemistry and/or mathematics, a possibility for which the physics licensure program helps students prepare. 

Student Learning Outcomes / Program Objectives

  • Students understand fundamentals of physics with a broad intellectual foundation.
  • Student will develop knowledge base in physics and instructional methods adequate for admission to graduate programs in education and science education.
  • Students must demonstrate effective oral communication of a physics-related topic.
  • Students must demonstrate effective written communication of physics-related topic.
  • Students will have a well-developed knowledge base in physics and instructional methods to become practitioners.