Candidates must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours in order to earn the degree. Hours must be completed in several categories:

General Education Curriculum

(Contact the department for more specific information)

  • English: 6 hours
  • Global History and Culture: 12 hours
  • Aesthetic Values: 3 hours
  • Decision-Making and Responsibility: 3 hours
  • Oral Communication: 3 hours

Program Curriculum

  • Physics: 27 hours
  • Other science/math: 26 hours
  • Teacher Licensure: 27 hours
  • Electives: At least 13 hours

In addition, majors must fulfill several requirements specific to the licensure program (Contact the department for specific details).

  • Pass the BTLE (Basic Technology Literacy Exam).
  • Pass the PRAXIS exams (one general, one physics-specific).
  • Earn the Gold Card, needed in order to take certain licensure courses and to perform student teaching.
  • Pass a background check before student teaching.
  • Capstone courses: The last semester is spent teaching (under supervision) in regional schools. The candidate must teach half a semester in one school at one grade level, then teach the other half of the semester in a different school at a different grade level. Thus the candidate is officially taking two separate courses. The candidate must have fulfilled all other requirements before beginning student teaching.
  • Candidates must use the TK-20 software system to report their work (i.e. build their portfolios).