Students interested in attending law school should initially consult the pre-law adviser in the Department of Political Science International Development, & International Affairs.

By the beginning of their second year, students should officially declare a major and minor and then see their major adviser for academic advisement. During the third year, the student should meet with the pre-law adviser for information on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) and admissions information.

In addition to their major and minor courses, students interested in law school can supplement their program of study with elective courses from the following disciplines:

  • Accounting: ACC 200
  • Business Administration: BA 200
  • English: ENG 332 or 333
  • Philosophy: PHI 253
  • Paralegal Studies: PLS 383
  • Political Science: PS 301, PS 380, PS 407, PS 480, PS 481, PS 484

Students desiring to strengthen their writing skills should include additional composition courses as well.

In making admissions decisions, law schools give greatest consideration to a student’s grade point average, LSAT score and writing sample and academic letters of recommendation. Students are encouraged to major in a subject area in which they are interested and in which they can maintain a high grade point average.