About this Bachelor's Degree

The undergraduate degree in psychology prepares students for entry-level jobs in many areas of the discipline of psychology or for advanced degrees in other professions.

The Department of Psychology consists of a well-qualified faculty that is dedicated to high standards of original inquiry and creative expression. Its members recognize that sound research and scholarship expand the boundaries of human knowledge, have applications that may improve the quality of life and inspire superior teaching.

Student Learning Outcomes / Program Objectives

  • Students will emerge from the major with well-developed career plans or postgraduate education.
  • Students will be able to communicate effectively in a variety of formats.
  • Students will use critical thinking, and, when possible, the scientific approach to solve problems.   
  • Students will demonstrate familiarity with the major concepts, theoretical perspectives and empirical findings in psychology.   
  • Students will understand and apply basic research methods, including research design, data analysis and interpretation.