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University Standing Committees and Representative Groups

Committee on Services and Resources for Women

The Committee on Services and Resources for Women (CSRW) is an interdisciplinary group of USM faculty, staff, and student members interested in women's issues in general but especially on campus and in the local Hattiesburg community. Since 1984, the CSRW has been active in the promotion of women's issues by creating a women's center/library (a collection of books, media, and other resources), organizing conferences with renowned guest speakers, producing major cultural events, and providing funding for research and services to faculty, staff, and students.



Membership for 2018-2019
Name Unit Representation on Committee / Nominating Unit

Term end

(June 30)

Kate Greene Chair, elected by committee 2019
Stacy Creel Chair-elect, elected by committee 2019
Laurel Abreu Communications Director, elected by committee 2019
Nicolle Jordan Secretary, elected by committee 2019
Katie James Representative member 2019
Melanie Leuty Representative member 2019
Michong Rayborn Representative member 2019
Cathy Gulli Ventura Representative member 2019
Marcus Gaut Representative member 2019
Julie Reid Representative member 2019
Becky Malley AA/EEO Director Ex-officio member  indefinite
Vacant Peggy Jean Connor Research Award Subcommittee, Chair 2019
Vacant Kathanne W. Greene Essay Award Subcommittee, Chair 2019
Vacant Women's History Month Planning Subcommittee, Chair 2019
Vacant Treasurer, elected by committee 2019





Annual Report

Submitted 2018.