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University Standing Committees and Representative Groups

Design and Space Review Committee

The Design and Space Review Committee (DSRC) is appointed by the President of the University and reports through the Vice President for Finance and Administration and the Provost.  The committee has the two-fold purpose of (1) reviewing project design in accordance with the current Master Campus Facility Plan and the Campus Design Guide, and (2) monitoring the effective and efficient use of space on all USM campuses and other University owned and operated sites as appropriate. The DSRC makes recommendations to the Vice President for Finance and Administration and the Provost, who then recommend to the President for approval.


Design and Space Review Committee - 2017-2018      
Name Title Representing Term
Chris Crenshaw Associate Vice President for Facilities, Planning, and Management Physical Plant, Planning, and Project Management Permanent (co-chair)
Debby Hill Assistant Provost & Director of Academic Scheduling Provost's Office Permanent (co-chair)
Tim Atkinson Associate Athletic Director, Facilities and Event Operations Athletics Permanent 
Scott Blackwell Director of Residence Life

Residence Life

Dual role (Student Affairs)

Jason Cantu Architect, USM Gulf Park Campus Gulf Park, Planning and Design, and ADA Compliance Permanent
Sara Hill Major Projects Manager, Physical Plan Physical Plant and Space Inventories Permanent
Skeeter Dixon Prof of Geography Master Planning Committee, Chair 3-years; ending 2019-2020
Paige Strickland Director, Technology Finance iTech 3-years; ending 2018-2019
Read Hendon  Associate Dir of GCRL Research & GCRL 3-years; ending 2018-2019
Claire Hamilton Associate Professor, Interior Design School of Construction 3-years; ending 2018-2019
Catharine Bomhold Associate Professor, School of Library Sciences Faculty Senate 1 year; ending 2017-2018
Mark Crager Director, Payne Center Staff Council Dual role (Student Affairs) 1 year; ending 2017-2018
Jeremiah Willis  Student

Student Government Association

1 year; ending 2017-2018





Annual Report

Submitted 2018.