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University Standing Committees and Representative Groups

Executive Cabinet


The Executive Cabinet at The University of Southern Mississippi serves in an advisory capacity to the University President on matters related to institutional decision making, including policy development and implementation; budget development and implementation; matters related to human resources; oversight and governance by IHL; compliance with state and federal laws and guidelines; the welfare and wellbeing of the institution’s faculty, staff and students; the role of the University in the local, state and regional community; support of the University by friends and alumni; research production; and economic development. The University President serves as the institutional executive officer and has final decision-making authority regarding all matters related to The University of Southern Mississippi. 



Name Membership based on University position Term end
Dr. Dee Dee M. Anderson Vice President for Student Affairs Indefinite
Dr. Gordon C. Cannon Vice President for Research Indefinite
Mr. L. Chad Driskell Vice President for External Affairs Indefinite
Ms. Allyson G. Easterwood Vice President for Finance and Administration Indefinite
Mr. Robert D. Gholson General Counsel Indefinite
Dr. Susan Hrostowski Faculty Senate President June 30, 2020
Ms. Kelly James-Penot Staff Council Immediate Past President June 30, 2020
Mr. Michael M. Matrick Student Government Association President April 30, 2020
Mr. Jeremy A. McClain Director of Athletics  Indefinite
Dr. Steven R. Moser Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Indefinite