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University Standing Committees and Representative Groups

Faculty Handbook Committee

The Faculty Handbook Committee considers revisions, modifications and amendments to the handbook on the basis of proposals submitted by members of the faculty or administration. If approved by the committee, changes are formally recommended to the University President for a final decision. 





Unit Representation on Committee / Nominating Unit

Term end

(June 30)

Holt, David (Chair) Gulf Coast Faculty (Senate Appointed) 2020
Flynn, Leisa (retiring) Non-Member of Faculty Senate (FS Appointed)  2019
Barron, Jonathan Member of Faculty (President Appointed)  2019
Zelner, Tisha Council of Chairs (dissolving in 2019) 2019
Cochran, David Faculty at Large (FS Appointed) 2019
Bruton, Sam VP for Research  2020
Rouse, Sharon Faculty Senate (FS Appointed)  2020
Gilbert, Faye Dean 2020
Cooper, Subrina Non-voting Ex-officio General Counsel  2020



Faculty_Handbook_Committee_Bylaws 2011

Faculty_Handbook_Committee - Procedure for Amendments 2013


Annual Report

Submitted 2018.  See Office of Provost website under 'Faculty Handbook' for Faculty Handbook Committee minutes