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University Standing Committees and Representative Groups

Grade Review Council



If you have questions about the grade appeal process at the University or wish to appeal a grade that you have received in a class, go the Grade Appeal Policies website.

On the above website, you will find the policies, procedures, and FAQs regarding grade appeals.




The Council's purpose is to determine whether a petitioning student's grade was awarded arbitrarily or capriciously by the instructor. If the Council determines that the grade was awarded arbitrarily or capriciously, then the Council will assign the petitioning student an appropriate grade for the course in question. The Council serves as a mediator and arbitrator between the faculty member and student. Pursuant to the Faculty Handbook, the decisions and outcomes of the Council are binding upon all parties.  


For 2017-2018, the Chair of Grade Review Council is Dr. David Cochran.

Due to the nature of this committee's work, the membership list is not public, and only the information for the current committee chair is provided.  




Annual Report

Please contact the Office of the Provost concerning the annual activities of this committee.