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University Standing Committees and Representative Groups


Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

For more information on this committee, visit the USM IACUC website.




Membership for 2018-2019

Name Unit Representation on Committee / Nominating Unit

Term end (all permanent)

Jake Schaefer (CHAIR) Chair/College of Science and Technology/Scientist  
Fengwei Bai Member/College of Science and Technology/Scientist  
Heidi Lyn Member/Gulf Park/College of Education and Psychology/Scientist  
Joe Griffitt  Member/GCRL/College of Science and Technology/Scientist  
Tom Ricks  Member/Veterinarian of Record  
B. Katherine Smith  Member/College of Arts and Letters/Scientist  
Paula Smithka Member/College of Arts and Letters/Non-scientist  
Denise Touchstone  Member/Community representative  
  Ex Officio Members  
Samuel Bruton   Director/Office of Research Integrity  
 Marcia Landen  Sponsored Programs Administration Representative  
 Janet Donaldson  Director of Animal Resources  
Jo Ann Johnson VPR/Administrative Assistant  
Nicholas Young  Animal Research Facilities Manager  





Annual Report 

Submitted 2018.