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University Standing Committees and Representative Groups

Online Learning Steering Committee


The purpose of the Online Learning Steering Committee shall be to two-fold: To provide consistent leadership for academic units and faculty engaging in the development or implementation of online degrees and coursework at the University of Southern Mississippi and to advise the Office of the Provost on critical matters related to online learning. To this end, the Online Learning Steering Committee will discuss critical topics, develop policies and procedures, and provide recommendations related to online teaching and learning, as well as undertake other duties as assigned by the Provost related to online initiatives and needs. The committee will also serve as a channel for communicating with the university community about any changes in policy and procedures or future directions for online learning.




Online Learning Steering Committee 2017-2018

Membership effective September 15, 2017


Unit Representation on Committee /
Nominating Unit

Term end
(June 30)

Anita Davis Committee Chair  2018
Catharine Bomhold Faculty Senate and Academic Council; Chair-Elect 2018
Katie Anthony College of Arts and Letters 2019
Amber Cole College of Business 2018
Lindsay Wright College of Education and Psychology 2019
Cindy Handley College of Health 2018
Melanie Gilmore College of Nursing 2018
Laura Gulledge College of Science and Technology 2019
Mary Coyne Gulf Coast, appointed by GC Faculty Council 2019
Cyndi Gaudet Gulf Coast, appointed by Vice Provost for Gulf Park 2018
Pat Sims Council of Chairs 2018
Jennifer Lemacks Graduate Council 2018
Linda Bass Office of Online Learning 2019
Tom Hutchinson Office of Online Learning 2018
Susan Rayborn Office of Online Learning 2019

Ex-Officio Members  

Kathryn Lowrey Institutional Effectiveness Permanent
Michelle Arrington Institutional Research Permanent
Karen Lott Office of Disability Accommodations Permanent
Nichol Green Office of the Registrar Permanent
Elisabeth McBride Graduate School Permanent
TBD Graduate Student Representative Permanent
TBD Undergraduate Student Representative Permanent



Online_Learning Steering Committee Bylaws 2016


Annual Report

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