Graphic Standards


Each time we communicate, an impression is made on our audience. All communications components such as brochures, posters, advertisements, websites, and other marketing and public relations materials impact the Southern Miss brand. Externally, our brand reflects our traditions, strengths and priorities. Internally, this identity conveys a sense of pride and commitment to a common mission.

Graphic Standards is the guide to applying our visual identity in a clear and consistent manner. It covers topics such as logo usage, university colors and suggested fonts. University Communications is responsible for developing and maintaining Graphic Standards and for ensuring that all communications materials adhere to the guidelines set forth.



Communications materials representing the university should be approved through University Communications and will be reviewed according to the guidelines presented in both the Graphic Standards and Style Guide.

Approval from University Communications is required by Procurement Services in order to process payment for any printed materials, advertising or promotional items being paid for with university funds. If your communications materials require approval, email us at


Download the 2.2MB PDF of Graphic Standards.

Manual updated August 2017