On-Hold Messages

The University of Southern Mississippi’s telephone on-hold messaging system serves as a communication tool directed to the campus community and to the general public within the framework of the university’s mission of education, research and public service. All messages recorded and played through the on-hold messaging system support and advance this mission.

Note: A variety of communication outlets should be used rather than relying solely on the on-hold messaging system. If you need further assistance with developing a communication plan for your event, contact the Office of University Communications at 601.266.4491.


Review the guidelines before submitting your request. Click the plus signs below to expand the sections and read the full details.


  • Message scripts must be no more than 250 words. Note: Please write this information in paragraph form.

  • Requests must be submitted through the form below.

Allowable Messages

  • University events

  • Official university announcements

  • Public events as they relate to the university’s participation

  • University brand messages


  • Messages will be edited for simplicity, clarity and conformity issues.
  • Messages are subject to the constraints of priorities and electronic or mechanical limitations.

  • The number of messages that may appear in any given time period is limited.

  • University Communications will manage and approve all messages.


  • Promotion of political, editorial or other statements of opinion is prohibited.
  • Messages expressing racist, sexist or bigoted views are prohibited.

  • False, misleading or deceptive messages are prohibited.

  • Tobacco, alcoholic beverages, gaming and other addictive or age-restricted activities, regardless of sponsorship of the event, are prohibited.

  • Personal messages such as birthdays, etc., are prohibited.

  • Solicitations of employment, membership or petition signatures are prohibited.

  • Use of this service for commercial interest is prohibited.