Social Media Etiquette Guidelines

In the social media space, it is important to be respectful of all audiences participating and interacting with Southern Miss.

The purpose of University-driven social media accounts is to initiate new conversations, promote the University, respond to feedback and continue an active dialogue with key publics. In order for this experience to be most beneficial and civil for all involved, University Communications has developed University Social Media Etiquette Guidelines.


Download Social Media Etiquette document as PDF

The purpose of the University’s social media accounts is to promote the University, to initiate new conversations, respond to feedback, and to continue an active dialogue with students, prospective students, alumni, faculty, staff, and fans of Southern Miss.

The University supports the engagement of these audiences in the social media space. In order for this experience to be most beneficial and civil to all involved, The University of Southern Mississippi reserves the right to remove any content it deems inappropriate.

The following types of comments are subject to editing or deleting:

  • Comments including profanity, racist, sexist, discriminatory or derogatory content
  • Comments that are attacks on any group or individuals, including other users, prospective and current students, administrators, faculty, staff or any other University personnel
  • Comments that are off topic of the original post by Southern Miss
  • Comments that harass, abuse or threaten others
  • Comments that could be perceived as offensive
  • Comments that are product advertisements
  • Comments that are SPAM
  • Comments that support a political candidate or initiative

We also reserve the right to remove posts or comments containing links.

Comments that are in the context of the original post and do not commit any of the above violations will be allowed to stand, regardless of tone.

**Continued violations could lead to poster being blocked or banned.**